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Information Collection

We will not use any information collected from any surveys. Any materiel you give to us will be held in strict confidence.

We do not collect any information about you exept what you specificaly provide us on a voluntary basis. We ensure you that any of your details will be held in a secure status.

However, even if you opt out of receiving any communications from surveyshield.com, we reserve the right to contact you regarding your account status or any other matter that might affect our service to you and/or our records on you.

Information Use

We reserve the right to perform statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics. We do this in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the website.

Surveyshield.com collects IP addresses for system administration and record keeping. Your IP address is automatically assigned to your computer when you use the World Wide Web. This is to prevent fraud.


"Cookies" are small text files a website can use to recognize repeat users. we uses cookies to recognize visitors and more quickly provide personalized content or grant you unimpeded access to the website. With cookies enabled, you can save your settings.

Information gathered through cookies also helps us measure use of our website. Cookie data allow us to track usage behavior and compile data that we can use to improve the site. This data will be used in aggregate form; no specific users will be tracked.

Generally, cookies work by assigning a unique number to the user that has no meaning outside of the Web site that he or she is visiting. You can easily turn off cookies. Most browsers have a feature that allows the user to refuse cookies or issues a warning when cookies are being sent. However, our site will not function properly without cookies. Enabling cookies ensures a smooth, efficient visit to our website.

Opting Out

Upon request, Surveyshield.com will allow any user to opt out of our monthly newsletter. Also, upon your request, Surveyshield.com will delete you and your personal information from our database.

Should you wish to opt out of any mailing from SurveyMonkey.com, click on the unsuscribe link on every mail.

General Security Policy

Surveyshield.com is aware of your privacy concerns and strives to collect only as much data as is required to make your SurveyMonkey experience as efficient and satisfying as possible, in the most unobtrusive manner as possible.

The foregoing policies are effective as of September 25th, 2000. Surveyshield.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying users of the existence of a new privacy statement. This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.