Frequently asked questions!


  Where does the application reside? Is it secure?

SurveyShield receives high-level tech-support from our ASP hosting facility in Secaucus, NJ. SurveyShield data is secure because it is secure socket layer enabled and all data from respondents is maintained behind the either the JTSi firewall or behind the Customer firewall (FDS option).


How is the facility maintained?

The SurveyShield facility is under 24/7-security protection to include disaster protection and daily file backups.


Who has access to the application?

Only authorized professional long-term JTSi employees can have access to the application. Our professionals keep all system components to include operating systems, the application, network, database, and storage under 24/7 surveilance to include timely application of all software upgrades and patches.


Who provides help desk support?

The same professionals that maintain the application operate the help desk. Senior IT analysts back up these professionals at the next level. For specific issues, we have a strong relationship with Microsoft, Oracle, and other vendors.


What if I have a specific requirement that is not within the current application?

Contact the help desk. They will provide a thorough and integrated response.


Can I have a demo?

We recommend that if you are interested in SurveyShield that you request a temporary account that you can test the application for your needs. Of course we will monitor the account to ensure it is for demo purposes.


Can input be restricted to only certain employees, Customers or suppliers?

Yes, you can control who gets the survey through your own email system or the email system provided by SurveyShield. Owners control SurveyShield distribution and format. Formats could easily be built that segregate respondents by location, organization, type, or almost any other discriminator.


Can input be restricted so a respondent can only enter data once?

Yes this is an option that the survey owner can select during survey design


Can the output be dumped into Excel (for questions) and Word for (comments)?

Yes, the save as feature coupled with the Report Filter function support multiple output types.


Can output that is put into Excel be segregated by the answer to the first question (organization you work in)?  In other words, we need to have an overall perspective, but need to track the responses within the respective work areas to see if there are differences.

Yes, the Report Filter will let you choose these reporting options.



How to I get the data behind my firewall?

Contact the help desk. They will need the point of contact in your organization that manages network security. Under FDS, SurveyShield sends the survey respondent data directly to the Customer database. No respondent data whatsoever is sent through or stored on the JTSi server.  Only the SurveyShield Web Service application resides on the JTSi server. SurveyShield is among the first of many Web Services that will proliferate within the commercial and government markets. Web Services are designed to be external to the Customer infrastructure, easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to pay for. Web Services, by their nature, are not meant to migrate to behind the Customer firewall. However, the decision where to post the data flow from the SurveyShield Web Service is entirely up to the Customer and the supporting organization that manages network security. JTSi will ensure the encrypted data is properly placed and will validate and verify that the process works properly with the Customer and organization that manages network security, if appropriate, before use.


SuveyShield.com is the first known service with Freedom Data Server (FDS) under the single Application service framework (Optional).  FDS capability will provides Customers with a choice of storing survey responses within their own hosted data server or within JTSi.  SurveyShield FDS guarantees optimum data security for sensitive survey responses.  JTSi believes it is an ideal commercial survey service for sensitive programs.   Please visit www.surveyshield.com for more information. Under FDS option, SurveyShield can store responses within the Customer Server (if firewall access is provided). SurveyShield will write data to a database behind the firewall through a secure point-to-point connection. The organization that manages network security may choose to have SurveyShield write to a database residing in an area external to basic data repositories known as a DMZ.


Who produces the necessary reports from the data collected in the survey? Is there a charge for this service?

SurveyShield itself is extremely easy to learn. It has the ability for Customers to test what they do before they release the survey. Surveys can be maintained for reuse or enhancement. JTSi can do any or all of the work associated with use of SurveyShield depending entirely upon Customer requirements. In the SurveyShield process, the SurveyShield Customer owns the data. JTSi has no access or knowledge of the Customer data.  Customer data resides in either a JTSi or Customer maintained database and/or migrated to Excel spreadsheets and/or Word documents behind firewalls.  JTSi has GSA approved service categories that enable the Federal and State Customers to use our services for services such as Oracle to Excel spreadsheet migration, information analysis, survey creation, and similar tasks. However, the decision to use such services is a Customer decision. Such decisions would depend upon Customer capabilities.


  Can I put my logo on a survey?

SurveyShield is capable of posting logos. It does it much the same way that eBay posts pictures of products for sale. Here how users would post a logo or picture to SurveyShield:

- Select Templates Menu Link

- Choose the template used to design survey

- Select Edit

- Enter the logo path in Edit Template Page


We realize that all Customers do not have an open server to link to in the same way eBay users link to their Yahoo or similar accounts. For these Customers, SurveyShield has an upload function to store images along with their surveys templates


What can SurveyShield be used for?

SurveyShield can be used to securely obtain data from a wide variety of relationships and for a wide variety of purposes. It can be sent via email or posted on a web site or Kiosk:

Educational Institutions – High Schools, PTA, Colleges

Elections – Government, Non Government

Stores - Consumer Goods, Non-Consumer Goods, Durable/Non-Durable goods.

Law Enforcement agencies – Police, Homeland Defense

Non-Profit Organization

Medical Supplies and Services – Stores, Doctor’s Office, Hospitals, Voluntary Organizations


How does SurveyShield capture email addresses?

SurveyShield captures names for the internal messaging function only:

SurveyShield messaging function knows who the message was sent to and matching a unique code contained in each respondent URL is generated by SurveyShield with the code placed in the SurveyShield database at the time the message is sent


Can you send the SurveyShield email or URL cut and pasted into an email to one or more people and then it generates multiple responses?

Yes, with the following conditions:

1. The survey URL was pasted into a non-SurveyShield messaging application (e.g. Outlook, Lotus, etc.) - use of the SurveyShield messaging function would preclude multiple responses because of the unique code provided in each respondent message and its match to the database described above

2. The survey owner has chosen the option of  "one response only, no updates permitted"

3. Each respondent must be on his or her own computer

4. Each response will be uniquely identified from the browser provided IP address

5. Each computer identified by the browser IP address can respond only once, so if you get multiple copies through email forwarding (e.g. from local mail and Hotmail), you can respond only once from the same computer


Can you cut and paste the URL into your browser and respond more than once?

No, the browser passes the computer IP address to SurveyShield and SurveyShield uses the IP address to control responses, assuming the survey owner has chosen the option of  "one response only, no updates permitted"


When does SurveyShield not guarantee anonymity?

SurveyShield captures names for the SurveyShield internal messaging function only. If you use an external messaging method such as Outlook, Lotus or Yahoo, there is no linkage back to the database in terms of user ID via email address. When using the internal messaging function only, the SurveyShield messaging function knows who the message was sent to is generated by SurveyShield and matching a unique code contained in each respondent URL with the code placed in the SurveyShield database at the time the message is sent.


What information does SurveyShield collect when the Survey Owner sends the SurveyShield URL in an email through cut and paste to one or more people?

SurveyShield collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. SurveyShield uses Secure Socket layer (SSL) protocols to prevent unauthorized capture of the survey information. SSL is state of the art protection.


Can I track if a recipient responded to the survey (i.e. completed/declined vs. not completed/no response) if I use the e-mail list - how do I do this? 

Go to Email Lists at the top of the screen (directly under the Shield on my browser) and click arrow icon under Message History column and then click arrow icon under Details column. This will open the history page with details.


When I open My Survey screen it has zero under analysis for any survey where everyone declined. I have no reports to run in the drop down list on reports.

This is the correct condition. To see the results of such a condition:

- Select Email Lists

- Select Message History

- You will see Sent date, Survey Name, Response Counts and Sent Counts and the Details arrow icon

- Select Details arrow icon

-         You will have a screen full of survey info. Scroll down to email addresses, response date and status (declined)


I've sent out the actual survey and have received two responses.  I was able to go into message history and get information on the 2 responses received thus far.  I looked at a report, and in certain areas, it lists 3 as the total number of responses...I would venture to guess that the ghost response is from when my boss was playing with the survey, however, because there was no record of a response prior to sending the survey out, I did not notice it was there, and was not able to clear it even if I did.

You can Delete, Edit or look at the Results Overview page. On the top right of the box you can page through the individual respondent pages or type a number and jump to a respondent page. If you delete make sure you have the right respondent – data is not user recoverable. Always do the excel exports before you start adjusting respondent data so you are sure of the prime data source in case you need to re-edit it


Found my survey disabled from the link on our website late yesterday. Did you shut it off?

End date of survey was set to 06/20/2004, so survey is not currently live. Go to survey list and choose options to change the end date.


I've only been able to see surveys with one page... is that the limit?

Each survey can contain an unlimited number of questions distributed among any number of pages. A survey should contain multiple pages if page conditions are desired, or to limit the number of questions per page. New pages can be inserted into an existing survey.


Do you have any surveys with several pages?

Yes. However, Customer surveys are considered by JTSi to be proprietary. One Department of Defense Customer created a survey of over a hundred questions spaced out over many pages.


Is there a packet of sample surveys (instead of the on-line demo... it's a bit confusing)...

No, as above, we do not show other Customers' surveys. If you would like to see some generic surveys just let the help desk know the topics and we will create them in the demo application and send to you as a respondent.


Can you help me understand report filters?

Report filters are like an advanced search criteria – they narrow down but do not exclude the total. If you select a report filter that cites one type of response, you will get the survey results for all questions but only the responses from the people who answered in the way you have selected in the filter. If you use two filters, you will get only the responses from those respondents who answered the way you have selected in both filters. (And three, etc.) For example, if you want to find out how people responded to all questions when the answered they are assigned to an office, you would set up a filter for office X and set it as active. Then run the report. If you wanted to see how people in office X responded to all questions when the responded “the boss is wonderful”, you would set that report filter and make it active while keeping the office X filter active. You would then have two sets of data – How office X answered overall, and how the people in office X that are highly satisfied with the boss viewed the other survey issues – but you get all questions each time you report.



One or more report filters may be applied to a survey. All of the filters are combined using "AND" logic, meaning that all filters must evaluate to "True" in order for a response to be included in the results.


If a report has filters, the filters are applied to the overview report, the individual report, the text report, and the data export functionality.


When working with a report with many questions, you may want to run multiple reports with various combinations of filters. Rather than deleting filters, you can set any filter to active or inactive on the page that displays the main list of report filters.


I need some help with my data. How can I be sure the data will not be lost when you help me?

When a major issue is reported to our help desk, we duplicate the specific dataset and work on a true copy not the real survey.


  How do I get my survey graphics into a Microsoft Word document? Can I add text?


Start at My Surveys

Select the Analyze button for the survey for which you want to capture graphic outputs

At this point you can modify output through the use of Filters if you want data associated with certain types of responses; you do not have to apply filters to get graphic output.

Place your cursor in the browser address bar.

Use your arrow keys or directly place the cursor on the “s” in the far left URL link at https:// Delete the “s

Copy the URL link (for example -http://www.surveyshield.com/ResultsOverview.asp?DisplayHeader=Yes&SurveyID=196

Open Microsoft Word

Select the Open Folder Icon

Place your cursor in the File Name box

Paste, using Ctrl-V, the copied URL link into the File Name box

Select Open in the Open dialog box

An Enter Network Password dialog box will open

Select cancel

A dialog box stating that permission is denied, “Do you want to open a read only copy?” will open

Select yes

Select Open again in the Open dialog box

The SurveyShield Survey Results – Overview page will now appear in your Word document.

You should save the output as a master file before you begin modifications. Remember to use a different name for versions in order to maintain the master. When you save, there are several option under the “Type” option on the Save As dialog box. It is recommended that you save the document in Word. This will enable easier cut and past within word and to other Office documents such as PowerPoint or Excel.

When copying and pasting into PowerPoint we have found that “Paste Special” with the Picture (enhanced metafile) works with the highest clarity.

In either Word