Welcome to SurveyShield.com

Introducing the most comprehensive, secure, and the easiest on-line Web Service survey - SurveyShield. Easy to learn and use, this service will enable anyone to create and manage professional online surveys quickly and easily. SurveyShield is the first known Application Service Provider (ASP) service with Freedom Data Server (FDS) as an Option. FDS capability provides you with a choice of storing survey responses within your own hosted data server or within ours. FDS guarantees the best level of data security for your sensitive survey responses. We believe it is the most ideal commercial survey service for military sensitive programs.

Popular High-Level Features

  • Easily modifiable look and feel

  • Surveys and questions easily copied

  • Easy to prepare and use design templates

  • Internal email and lists plus personal email and web page URL inserts

  • Advanced online HTML reporting console

  • Data export to Excel, CSV, or SPSS file formats

  • Powerful page condition logic

  • Bulk User registration

  • Freedom Data Server

  • Easy to use administrative options

  • 6 security Levels

  • 21 question types

  • 4 matrix question formats

  • Paging, linking and auto fill from prior answers


  Step 1

Create your survey through web browser, with our easy survey editor. You may select from among different question types such as single choice, multiple choice, rating scales, drop-downs, Yes/No, one answer, and more. Our powerful page condition logic option allows you to require answers to specific questions. Unlimited number of questions per survey and unlimited number of answers per question! In addition, you have complete control over the colors and layout of your survey.

  Step 2

Just send, post on your web site or paste the survey URL (web link) in your personal email for your respondents. It is a feature built for easy deployment, usage and response collection. Use our popup invitation generator to maximize your response rate, or use our automated email notification and list management tool to track your respondents. Collect responses into tables through organized procedures. Collecting meaningful data has never been easier.


  Step 3

View and analyze your survey responses (data) in a multitude of ways, as they are collected in real-time! There are many different report functions, including graphical reporting with bar graphs, that you can use to view your data. Powerful filtering allows you to display only the responses you're interested in. Filter based data export to CVS/Excel in a format compliant with advanced marketing applications (SPSS). Use the special tool to display the number of respondents that skipped each question!